Thursday, August 17, 2017

Travel ::: Porto ::: Rehearsal Part I

On Monday morning we again woke up early for the wedding rehearsal at the church in our hometown in Portugal.

Both sets of my grandparents were born, raised and married in the town of Bunheiro, Portugal. 
Growing up they knew each other well, my grandmothers have a special kind of kinship, sneaking around town wearing robes and pretending they were boys to serenade the teenage girls in town. They were both married in the Igreja de Sao Mateus, where my sister Gabby and her now husband David were to be wed on July 5th, 2017. 

Mariana Rebimbas and Francisco Goncalves got married on January 28, 1959 at the ripe age of 18, after my grandmother was courted by my grandfather when he came back from Venezuela on a mission to wifey up. Irene DaSilva and Ascencio Matos were married on the same date, 58 years ago on July 5th 1958, the actual ceremony taking place via surrogate since my grandfather was also in Venezuela working, back when the country was rich with resources and economic success.

It always brought chills to my spine, imagining both of my grandmothers walking through the double doors of this church, to meet the man at the end of the alter and start their lives together. 

My favorite part of the church is that it looks like so simple on the exterior, yet the inside of it is one of the most beautiful churches I've seen, ever. 

The intricate detail in the tiles, and the painted carvings in the wood...

...not to mention those chandaliers! 

Britt and Briana outside the church - which also makes for a good back drop. 

The next time we would be in this church, it would be filled with family and friends!

After the rehearsal, we all drove up to Taylor's Fladgate for lunch in Vila Nova de Gaia. 

Vila Nova de Gaia is across the Duoro River from Porto, and where the world famous Port Wine is made. 

Taylor's includes a garden, estate, winery, event space and dining outlet. 

The views from the wrap around dining balcony were to die for! Doesn't even look real!

Even from the airplane, the distinct red tiled roofs are a unique staple of Portuguese architecture. 

The fam fathered round!

For lunch we started it off with a cold gazpacho soup with cheese ice cream and this perfectly cooked filet was served as the main dish.

What's a trip to Portugal without binging on their amazing pastries! My favorite a pastel de nata. 

All the essentials: Port, espresso and a pastel. 

Stay tuned for Part II of the rehearsal day coming on my next post....