Everybody's Throwin' It Back ::: Clogs


Speaking of the Netherlands, let's talk clogs.  The oldest surviving clogs date all the way back to 1230 in Amsterdam. What a crazy sounding year! All I know about 1230 is that when my watch says 1230 I'm halfway through my work day, and it's glorious.  Although traditionally wooden clogs were primarily worn by poor laborious workers to keep their feet safe, they seem to have ironically found their way into upper-crust American style.

In the early 2000's Birkenstock (closed toe) clogs were all the rage.  As a high schooler I went through half a dozen pairs, dark brown was my go-to shade.  It was the shoe of the moment and if you didn't sport a pair you were way un-cool.  In the past year open toed Birkenstocks have found their way onto the pages of high end fashion spreads, on the shelves of popular stores, such as Madewell, and on the feet of every hip chick on the streets of NYC.

Today, an even more clog-like clog is popping everywhere, the classic Dansko.  Julia Roberts is one of the first to sport the new trend:

Photo via Daily Mail UK

Photo via New York Magazine

Photo via Daily Mail UK

Look at Julie go!  Whether she's simply strutting in her Danskos, running errands in her Danskos or picking up her kids in her Danskos, Julia looks hip and functional.  Maybe part of that has to do with her being Julia Roberts and all but if you ask me those shoes add some flavor to this beautiful mama. Besides,  I have a coworker (who is not Julia Roberts) that constantly sports her shiny black Danskos and every time I look at them I wonder if I would look as cool in the clunky clogs.

If this type of clog is too much for you but you still like the idea, you are in luck.  Sweedish Hasbeens offer the same amount of comfort that comes from a clog but in a slightly more universal style.  Who better to represent the possibilities of clogs then fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker:

Photo via Huffington Post

Photo via Daily Mail UK

Another beautiful soon-to-be mama rocking some hip yet functional clogs, Rachel Bilson.

Rachel Bilson. Bestofthislife.com

So, how clog-y can you go?



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