Ladies We Adore ::: Pernille Teisbaek Edition

This is the first edition of Ladies We Adore!  Where we pick an inspiration and gloat about how much we just...adore. From Stylists, to Congresswoman to Actresses and Peers, this will be a series where we celebrate all women.

This week, I can’t help but drool over Pernille Teisbaek.  A Denmark based blogger, who has previously worked as the fashion director for the danish magazines WOMAN and ALT for Damerne.

These days, she is working full-time as a freelance stylist, blogger and fashion expert at Denmarks largest TV-network TV Go’morn DK.

Pernille’s clean silhouettes are always met with special details.  I also can’t help but love the way she compliments simple lines with a neutral color palette.

But, what really attracts the ordinary girl to Pernille's style is her collection of accessible basics (unfortunately for us, not at the same price point, i'd die for her Isabel Marant and Acne pieces) outfitted together in a delightful and fresh way.

Pernille’s blog reads as a letter to friends, posting both outfit inspiration, product reviews and “On My Mind” curated items currently in stores. Both high end and low. It also doesn’t hurt that one of her BFFs is fellow danish designer/blogger Anine Bing. The two run the Danish Fashion Forum (think with Sofi Fahrman. Check her out at!


With Fellow Blogger and "Bestie" Camille


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