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Sitting at a computer all day has lots of negatives: it messes with your hips, the day seems to drag on very slowly and online shopping can become addicting.  But once in a while you'll be the first to hear about a sale or you'll snatch an item before it runs out because with the internet at your fingertips the world of shopping is your oyster.

Here are some of our most recent closet updates.


I'm going to be honest.  I went a little crazy this week.  I don't know if it was the weather changing or a trip back home on the horizon, but I got the shopping bug.

Recently Added:

I've been on the hunt for a pair of quiet boots.  Seems like an odd request but I work in an office of writers and do a lot of running around for them so it was important that my feet didn't interrupt those writing.  Finding a quiet, comfortable and cute pair of boots was harder then you'd think so when I found these I couldn't turn back.


Speaking of trips back home, I've been looking for a duffle and would love to purchase this one but after buying those shoes up there I feel too guilty spending money on another investment piece! (Update: I just caved and ordered this online. See what I mean?)

The number of times I look at these online, and wonder how they would look on my body type, is not a number I'm willing to admit.
Although the beautiful and petite Kelly Framel did look effortless wearing them so there is hope!


Blame it on the weather changing, or the fact that I paid rent with an entire paycheck, so the next pay check goes to expenses, and by expenses I mean con-ed and my online shopping addiction. Some are must haves (like new jeans sized up) and some are dream-item compromises at an affordable entry level position price (hand-bag with special details).

Recently added:

I have been waiting for quite sometime now to purchase a pair of baggy boy-friend jeans and the word distressed  + One Teaspoon has been typed into the search bar on Google one too many times. However, I realize that distressed jeans aren't exactly work appropriate, and with my 25 year old body no longer allowing me to squeeze into my high school body jeans, it didn't seem responsible to go with a boyfriend jean with that much edge. But by some chance of the corporate gods, I received a $150 gift card to Amazon from my boss for demonstrating good team work at my office and so purchasing the jeans I realllly wanted didn't seem to be that big of a deal anymore; they're like fairy godmother jeans now. Best part is, I found them on Amazon on sale for $60!!!

One Teaspoon Awesome Baggy Jeans

I am a self-proclaimed bag snob (at least I admit it, it's not always a good thing especially because my pay-check doesn't let me satisfy my addiction like I'd want to). However, when I first saw the Gucci Nouveau Fringe Suede bag, I literally almost died of oxygen deprivation from holding my mouth open for so long. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, but at a $3,000+ price point, it would only remain where it lived; in stores, on Italian fashion bloggers and in my dreams.

 I found an amazing compromise in the Ralph Lauren Polo Small Fringed Bag and couldn't be happier with my purchase. Besides the fact that I may, or may not have, had a good friend who worked at the corporate office, it can still be purchased at a great price ($ 295). When I received it in the mail it came in the most perfect box, I felt like a celebrity receiving a gratuitous gift for just being me, deep down i knew i paid for it but at 50% off not bad. Also it is just about the softest leather I've touched on a bag, and it' the perfect size for walking about town. I recently brought this handbag to a trip down to Nashville and it's crossbody strap was great for site-seeing!

Ralph Lauren Small Fringed Bag
Lastly, due to not being able to wear many heeled shoes (more on that later), I was so happy to see my coworker rocking these Sam Edelman Abbie Booties at a status meeting. They are flat, comfortable, flexible ( you don't realize how important this is when it comes to walking all day in NYC) and the one word I can't normally group together with the first three, cute! I love the flat leather, similarly to Allie's Madewell/ quiet pair, the elastic side panel and most of all, the added detail of the gold rim at the sole. At a price point of $99.95, all in all,  pretty amazing purchase. I can rock these in jeans or with skirts + tights! 

Sam Adelman Abbie Bootie


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