New In Town::: Cow & Clover

The south of Williamsburg is changing rapidly these days. Gone are the days of the grittier, grungier side of town, and in are the days of knocking down the Domino Sugar Factory (it's turning into a whole line of luxury buildings) and closing Glasslands, 285 Kent and Death by Audio (Vice bought the entire building, almost the entire block!) . 

There has also been a whole slew of restaurants closing, with "Commercial Space for Rent" signs posted where the menu use to be. But out with the old, means in with the new and that means great things for restaurant seekers like me and you; and so, brunch at the new spot in town it is!

South Williamsburg welcomes Cow & Clover to Kent and South 2nd street. Self - described as a New American -  "seasonal wood-fired kitchen", Cow & Clover, brings the comfort of  fresh and organic ingredients from their oven right to your table.

Loving the succulents in mason jars at the front entrance!

Every Saturday deserves to be started right; COFFEE!!!!!!

At first glance of the brunch menu, you can tell Cow & Clover prides itself on a mouth-drooling variety of home-made pastries. Biscuits, breads, muffins and cookies oh my! They have both savory and sweet options, so when I saw the Bacon and Goat Cheese Scone (are you kidding me!?) it was a must!

Although, I always have that moment when the French Toast is screaming at me through the menu, since I already ordered the scone, I decided on the Berkshire Pork and Potato Hash. The pork was super tender, and I love how the greens came on the stem, gives you the feeling/taste that they were literally picked off the plant and right on my plate.

My boyfriend on the other hand, you can tell I had the poor guy wait till I got the shot, went with the Smoked Duck Benedict. If there is anything duck on the menu, I can pretty much guarantee he'll order it. I of course had a few bites, and it was amazing!! I think I'll order my own next time because it was just too good; so good he pretty much finished it before I could get another helping.

We got to brunch pretty early compared to the rest of the Brooklyn crowd, which was a great opportunity for a photo op of the place. It has a very minimal and modern style, which I love, but the wood table tops, and brick oven gives it a cozy feeling, like you could be in someone's home kitchen.

I really loved the bar area, which has ample seating for happy hour. I also espcially loved the accented bottled chandelier at the entrance, a unique and creative touch with just the smallest hint of color to welcome guests inside.

I spotted this table on the way out, and thought what a great place for a celebration! The high tables and stools, makes it feel like a fun hang out at the bar, while a little separate from the main seating area, it also makes it feel private, not to mention the details; plants, boxes and logs for the fire-burning ovens.

Overall Cow & Clover seems like a great addition to the neighborhood. Of the duration we were at brunch, we saw couples, families, and infants all gathering around the wood-top tables to enjoy a warm meal during a cold November weekend. This will be the third restaurant opening at this location (the other two unfortunately failed) but I certainly think that the third times the charm.

- Stephanie


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