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Is it just me or do you also tend to break the buttons on your pants come Sunday?  Sunday through Thursday I'm all like salad this and green juice that, then Friday strikes and I'm like BAM gimme that pizza.

20/80 is this rule I've heard about healthy living.  Meaning eat healthy 80 percent of the time and you can relax the other 20.  Unfortunately, I think I take that rule too seriously but my proportions are off. My life would inevitably be closer to 30/70, but nobody's perfect, right?

This is not a diet post, that will never exist here.  That word makes me sad.  This is all the delicious food I plan on eating (and drinking) this weekend and if you ever find yourself in Brooklyn, I suggest you do the same.


Mesa Coyocan, also known as one of the best mexican restaurants in NYC.  The tacos are out of this world and the entrees are creative and enlightening. How happy does this mustached margarita make you?  I suggest the cucumber margarita, it's light and delightful.  They also offer a plethora of flavors, another favorite is the watermelon.

This suggestion will require a lot of trust, but I'm Jewish and I have done the bagel hunt in NYC (I used to live half a block from Essa Bagel) so I believe I have some clout.  The bagel sandwiches at New York Muffin are breakfast perfection.  Get the red special on an everything bagel, thank me later.  The coffee is delicious as well, even black.  Did I mention your total will be around 5 dollars for a bagel sandi and coffee?  Yeah, it's crazy. 


And this would be my plan for Sunday.  A slow day calls for a slow cooked meal.  I plan on using this recipe and drinking the remainder of the merlot.  We also take football quite seriously in my apartment so it will be just in time for Sunday night's Cowboy game.

So put away the diet, take advantage of winter sweater's disguise and LET THEM EAT CAKE!

Happy Weekend!



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