Gifts for Even MY Budget ::: Men

In my giant family (I'm not kidding, my grandpa has 50 grandchildren and counting) we do a big secret santa thing.  They say it's random, I've doubted that for years, but that's not my point.  This year I was given my cousin's fiance.  He's around my age, he travels a lot, they have a new baby and he has a good amount of swagger.  The only issue is I don't know him that well.  Everything I know about him I like but it does make it slightly more difficult to buy a gift.  

I put together some of the gifts I've been thinking about getting him.  Everything for under or around a 100$ budget but still thoughtful and good quality.

On top: Everlane Weekender Bag and Dopp Kit.  Everyone is bursting with support of Everlane and I'm completely in agreement but I haven't heard much about the men!  They have great stuff!  I mean check out the prices on this hat, scarf and gloves, it's amazing for what the quality I promise will be.  You can put together a combo of whatever you can afford.

In the middle: Everyone needs a good chambray, this one from J.Crew, and this tie is like WHAT?! 3.90$ that's three dollars and ninety cents, get out of town.

On bottom: A jacket and backpack looking real cool in black leather.  Jacket is from ASOS, another company we don't often associate with men.  Unlike the backpack, many a man know and love Top Man.  And finally, the safest of all the gifts in my opinion, a classic pullover from J. Crew.

A big note about J.Crew, most winter items are 30% off right now!  Get it before the holiday rush!



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