Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is an amazing holiday and I absolutely do not mean to move beyond it to Christmas without enjoying the holiday I'm in.  But Christmas, for me, is the big shabang of the holiday season.  When Thanksgiving is over that means I'm free to decorate the tree, listen to holiday music and say, "Happy holidays!" to avoid any awkward encounter.

When I was home about a month ago I had my two little sisters for the day.  I took them to Land of Nod to kill some time and I was overjoyed with what I found (I was far more excited to be there then they were).  I don't have any kids and I do realize this is a kids store but their decorations are so on point, who cares!  Green and Red is fine and all but why not include all the rest of the colors?  I am a color addict and these decorations quench my cravings.

Happy Thanksgiving!!



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