Splurge or Save?

I am no stranger to spending unnecessary amounts of money on things that do not last a lifetime.  Magazines, designers, bloggers, stylists, they all have the same advice: invest.  Invest in basics, invest in things that you'll wear over and over again, but what happens when you wear things over and over again?  They get destroyed.  White tee-shirts turn yellow (let's all admit it, we sweat) and the soles of shoes get warn (no matter how great your cobbler is).

When I was 16 I was an extremely lucky teen and my dad took me to Italy.  We had this wonderful trip, just the two of us, and on the last day he took me shopping.  I desperately wanted these real leather black combat boots from Max Mara, "I'll own them forever!" I told my very easily persuaded father as he paid the young woman at the register.  

My feet were in heaven and I practically never parted with them for a year straight.  At the end of that year I got a very necessary re-sole treatment from my mom's trusty corner cobbler but a few months after that there was no saving those babies.  The leather had worn and whitened from salt, the entire shoe had taken a curvy, elf-like shape and the soles were sick of being replaced.  Goodbye beautiful combat boots.

My point is no matter how much you want things to last forever, they don't.  And while I do believe it's good to invest in great quality stuff, good quality can mean 100 or less rather than thousands of dollars.

1. Creepers!  I personally prefer the Zara pair, which are conveniently priced at $99.90! Contrary to the $1,095 Saint Laurent pair.  Imagine all you could do with a thousand dollars!!

2. These Saint Laurent loafers come in at a wopping $825 but look very similar to their look alike from Top Shop for the low low price of $125.

3. These shiny GV skater shoes are NOT to be skated in, despite the $645 sale price.  Go with the pair that can take a beating at $70. I wear my maroon pair frequently.

4. I love when I see some of my favorite bloggers rocking these Sandro kicks, but the casual vibe kind of disappeared when I found out about the $375 price tag.   These $79 Zara kicks are a bit more care free.

5. High end designers making high tops completely blows my mind.  It does not blow my mind that they're going for roughly $850 US dollars.  Personally, I will be sticking with my trusty $100 Nikes, or if your an Adidas girl, these $95 kicks are pretty sweet too.

Would you invest in any of these high end shoes?



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