New In Town ::: Cos

During my year studying abroad in Paris (insert pretentious statement here) I spent way too much time shopping.  Not buying (a lot), but more meandering in and out of shops dreaming of owning it's contents.  It's exciting now, 4 years later, when I see those same stores and brands pop up in American culture and I can say to myself, "I saw it first!"

In my second semester I interned for the label Carven, a name unheard of at the time in the US and not carried by any American retailer.  Today, Carven not only finds it's way onto the backs of celebrities and fashionistas alike but they have a store of their own on a brick paved street in SoHo.

Carven does everything beautifully.  Their clothing really is like walking works of art and the price tag doesn't let you forget that.  I was gifted a dress from them right before I returned home and it's one of my most prized possessions, although it seldom leaves my closet, where it's safe.

Cos, on the other hand, is within reason.  Although not cheap, the prices are much like the higher end items at Top Shop or Zara, I promise you the quality is superior for it's price tag.  Fortunately for us they will be opening their first US store on December fifth, as reported by Refinery 29.  This is what I will be trying on when I inevitably walk through their doors come December.


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