Entertain Me ::: Murderous Mysteries

Is it just me or do the seasons seem to have suddenly moved on to winter before fall ever really began?  It's gloomy and rainy in New York, a style we seem to be sporting a lot lately.  Rainy days make me want to do nothing but snuggle up on my couch and watch a movie.  A spooky movie to be exact.  Gloomy skies put me in the mood for murder mysteries and horror.

I'm not a crazy horror fan but a bad horror film is something I cannot turn my eyes from.  The other day I was watching TV on saturday afternoon,  I had hours to kill and was looking for a good TV movie, when I found one entitled "The House On The Left."  Harmless, I thought.  It had my favorite actress from Parenthood, Monica Potter, and the always entertaining Aaron Paul.  So, instantly, it seemed like a good idea.  About thirty minutes in teenagers smoking pot turned into a bloody mess and it was horrifying, yet I didn't turn it off till the end.

Let's be clear,  I don't recommend this movie.  I was in some sort of trance, I swear.  It by no means reflects my taste in media.  Contrarily, these are the spooky entertaining things I do recommend right now:

1. If you are not already listening to the podcast Serial, I envy you. I can't praise this program enough. I wish I could un-listen to them all and listen to them again.

2.  This is not a new movie but I watched Hitchcock for the first time last night, so it's new to me.  You can find it on HBO Go!  It's just eerie enough and of the right time period to fit the mood I'm going for here.

3.  After watching the movie I was drawn to read the book Psycho, the book that inspired the movie Hitchcock is making in the film.  I've been reading it for free online here until I can get my hands on a hard copy.

I took a class in college around this time of year called Gothic Literature and I'll never forget the joy I got from reading spooky novels in the right setting.  So here I am, trying to recreate the golden years.  (Also, I am alone on G-chat because Steph has the day off.  Maybe that puts me in a horrific mood... just maybe)



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