Throwin' It Back ::: Bell Bottoms

Since the early 20th century fashion trends have been recycled form past centuries.  Just when you think, "that will never come back in fashion" or "I'll never ever wear that again," the trend pops up everywhere and in full force.  What's amazing about fashion today is the ability it has to mix old styles with modern pieces for the 2014 girl.

Let's talk bell bottoms.  This groovy trend that discoed it's way onto the dance floor and into the lives of women and men alike, at studio 54 in the 70's, is back and ready for action.

Mintage Vintage

Wiki dates the invention of bell bottoms back to the early 19th century used in uniforms for the US Navy.  Sources claim bell bottoms allowed for easy roll-up ability but I think they were just trying to look fabulous while out at sea.

Sonny and Cher are credited for bringing the trend to the mainstream American conscious by wearing them on their popular TV variety hour.  In late 1997 the trend made it's way back into stores and onto the pages of Vogue following a flirtatious period with the boot-cut-flare denim in '96.

Reinventing The Ordinary

Giving the glory back to bell bottoms creates a statement piece all on it's own.  Minimalist looks are cleaner than ever but having fun with your wardrobe is what it's all about, isn't it?

 The most important thing to remember with a bell bottom look is "less is more."  The drama of the flare pairs well with a leather vest, graphic tee or any simple tank. And voila, you have yourself a nostalgic, groovy outfit with a modern twist.

Eat Sleep Wear


For years it's been the skinnier the cut the more popular the jean.  But here we are, it's 2014, and I gotta say I'm happy to see the flare back in action.



Really though, could these ladies look any cooler?



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