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I am mesmerized by color. As a kid I was always drawn towards the sensory overload stores (Claires & Sanrio) bursting with pops of hot pinks, electric blues and blinding yellows. As a teen traveling to Portugal (with frequent visits across the border to Spain), I was always impressed with the bravery in which the women played with color. Mixing blues blouses with pink skirts and yellow flats, the most eye-catching of them all being the women dressed to the nines Sunday mornings on their way to mass, which basically serves as the European elders’ Friday night.


For a girl who loves the idea of color I find myself  being drawn more and more to neutrals as I gets older. I have slowly but surely gathering a collection of quality neutral basics that can be mixed with less expensive trendy pieces. Sometimes mixing too many colors (i.g red bag, green polarized sunnies, gold jewelry) can be overwhelming and come off looking sloppy. So how did the Spaniards do it?

                                                       Lovely Pepa

When admiring photos of the congregation dressed in their Sunday best, I picked up on the element that made these women glamorous personified versions of a Sanrio store; their monochromatic treatment of color.

Blue suits, with a pink blouse, hat and high heel; Green dresses with purple costume jewelry and a matching green and purple handbag. Blue, green, purple and pink were suddenly all the new black. These women were turning colors into neutrals, and it worked! Beyond that they looked like rock stars who obviously has a closet stocked up with enough handbags, hats and blouses in every color combination possible to make any outfit look like a million bucks.

Bittersweet Colour

There are moments in life when you become inspired by something you see on the streets of NYC, or the small towns of Spain that makes you want to immediately take on the style yourself. Being from east coast, it’s hard not to allow neutrals to take over your wardrobe. My perfect compromise has been purchasing bold monochromatic colorful accessories. My advice would be to choose a color hue you enjoy, and start buying accessories, one color at a time. When you feel like you’ve had enough, move on to the next color.

 Sticking with a color theme when purchasing accessories allows for your outfit to look put-together. Imagine how intentional and fun your neutral outfit can look if it was fitted with blue sunnies, a blue bag and a blue belt or hat popping from an all white or black ensemble. I can guarantee you’d make the Spanish woman use the Lord’s name in vain as you walked by church exclaiming (sinfully), “oh my god”.


Song of Style

Lovely Pepa



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