Wait, Is This Weird?

So I don't really want to talk about the Kim photo because frankly, I'm sick of seeing it everywhere.  The more I look at it the more I change my mind.  Is it photoshopped?  It's definitely photoshopped.  Maybe it's not photoshopped and that waist training really is working.  Is this a slutty move?  No this is not a slutty move.  Wait, she is a mom.  Would I care if my mom did this?  I mean, that would be pretty weird.

Then I remember... Why do I care what Kim Kardashian chooses to wear in a photo?   I don't think I do.  But this, on the other hand, I think is so hilarious.

E Online

Look at Chelsea's tiny, tan lined butt!  I love it.

But really, am I supposed to care passionately about this?  Am I a bad feminist?  What's going on?



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