Christmas Cookies

With the Holiday's right around the corner, it is important to keep the Christmas sprit alive and put time aside after work to get together with close friends to do something festive. 

Allie and I decided that baking Christmas cookies would be both fun and, strategically, we'd get to eat those cookies after a few days of admiring how adorable (to our very surprise and delight) they came out.

A few snaps of the cheesy Christmas decorations at my apartment. Stockings and lights from the dollar store, and a real tree my mom and dad surprised me with the first weekend in December.

Our supplies. 

Let's be serious, we weren't coming off of 11 hour shifts to make real dough. We did compensate by buying the glitter frosting for that extra touch.

A pine needle fragranced candle and holder from Home Goods. Wreath, also from the dollar store conveniently located behind my house.

An amazing hot chocolate mix, spiked with peppermint schnapps made by my cousin Brit.

Hot Chocolate ready for it's close up.

And let the baking begin!

We had to improvise and finish a bottle of wine to use as a rolling pin. I think we get points for creativity and resourcefulness.

We also could not find cookies cutters in any stores in Bushwick, so making our own cut-outs it was!

I have to say though it made for more fun, and pride when they baked without getting so enlarged and fat you couldn't recognize their original shapes. 

Some shapes we nailed, (the cup of coffee, Rudolph, Christmas trees) others not so much (some ornaments and snowmen).

Allie's batch.

My batch.

This night was an absolute blast! With the end of the year quickly approaching, business tends to get a little hectic and stressful, so I can't tell you how thankful I am I got to enjoy a night with the closest ladies in my life have a few drinks, share more laughs than I can count and bake dozens of cookies to eat (without guilt, because in January that will be so 2014)!

- Stephanie


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