Keep Calm and Carry On

In the past year or so I've spent some time trying to focus on myself.  I don't mean pampering myself or getting in shape (I wish). What I mean is I've tried to look in the mirror during various circumstances and think, "What am I doing wrong here?"  It's easy, both in your personal and professional life, to get frustrated with others when a situation doesn't go how you wanted.  It's much more difficult to re-evaluate whether you really need the win on this one or what you've done to make the situation so frustrating.  Bottom line, I want to be happy, so how can I achieve that?

For me, I've realized sometimes I let myself get frustrated.  I let things bother me to the point that I'm physically exhausted.  It's so unnecessary and most of all, it only harms me.  So how do you save yourself from yourself?  Well, I have a few mechanisms I've use to avoid letting my blood boil.  I never really think of them as such defined steps but I'll lay them out because maybe they'd work for others too.

1) Take a minute:

2) Don't speak too quickly:

3) Realize the world has much bigger problems:

4) Laugh about it:

5) Plan your happy hour:

And Voila!  You're cured.



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