New in Town ::: DEN Coffee Shop

This is one of those local, like behind my s.o's apartment local, spots that is almost too good I want to keep it to myself.

But since I am a coffee shop fangirl, I won't hold back on the best ones I find!

DEN opened in South Williamsburg, during the Summer of 2014, just past Wythe on S 3rd street. The cafe features one of the most spectacular views of the Williamsburg Bridge. 

 The sight of the Williamsburg Bridge with the Freedom Tower and Lady Liberty sneaking up behind it, while drinking your coffee from the big bay window of DEN's seating area is a really special Brooklyn moment, that could only occur, as it did, in South Williamsburg.

An intimate moment with you and your city, even with the hundreds of people driving across the bridge going about their own day.

 The other best part is the burst of yellow!! 

(This is one for the ihavethisthingwithfloors books).

 The track lighting on the ceiling immediately captures your attention and helps lead your eyes to the bay window.

The lofted seating, is spacious with tables and chairs both high and low for casual or long time stay. 

 The cafe also offers wifi access, and there's nothing better than to be in a great atmosphere while trying to be inspired to get work done 

"Whenever I meet people for the first time I assume that they have a great story to tell and that it's my job to find it"

That espresso machine is a golden goddess, just look how pretty she is with her Christmas laurel.

             Nothing better , and I mean nothing, than sleeping in on a Sunday followed by a latte.

 What i'm wearing: Sweater (Loft), Coat (Forever21), Denim (Madewell), Sneakers (Nike), Bag (Balenciaga), Sunnies (Karen Walker)



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