Three Piece Rule

Dressing myself for work in the morning has proven to be a difficult task. I love dressing up when I have the time to try on a bunch of different options until I feel like I’m wearing the one that fits my mood for the day. However, I'm not a morning person so the only thing I can think of wearing that early are my pjs or, since PJ's aren't entirely work appropriate, the first comfortable thing I find in my drawer. Usually jeans and a tee.

Lucky for me, I work in a creative industry so my work attire is super informal.  Anything goes as long as it’s not too revealing.  Even that’s mostly because they blast the air-conditioning all summer long (seriously, I’d wear my winter attire to the office if I didn’t have to walk outside) and in the winter it's just too damn cold because well, this is the New York in December (brrrrr, the season where we all wonder what the hell we're still doing here after Christmas).

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When I first started my job I was on point, taking my time to pick out my outfit the night before (when the night owl in me feels the most expressive). But as time passed I found that my mood sometimes varies from one day to the next and what I pick out the night before may not be what I feel like wearing the next morning. I quickly realized I needed a solution to stop myself from throwing on my Madewell black jeggings and a loose tee every single day.

Lo and behold the three-piece rule!

 A close friend of mine, who works in retail, shared with me that the dress code (or what I like to call their secret weapon) for being ‘on the floor’ was that you had to wear three pieces.With three simple pieces of clothing you're suddenly wearing an outfit. Voi-la! 

Okay, magic trick jargon aside, three pieces takes an outfit from looking like you just threw it on, to a thoughtful ensemble.  

So using my jeggings and a tee as my first and second piece, I throw on a denim vest as my third piece and my outfit instantly looks like it belongs in the catalog! (well,  sort of).

Some simple third pieces can be:

- A belt
- A statement necklace
- Bangles
- A hat
-A chambray (over a tee or around the waist!)
- A scarf
- Moto-jacket
- Flannel
- Jean Jacket


And the list goes on! Of course this isn’t a strict rule. Fashion is all about experimenting and playing with pieces. You could add a hat and bangles, or a belt and a moto-jacket over jeans and a t-shirt.  Make it four pieces, go crazy! 


Bonus trick: The same rule applies to skirts and a tee.


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Ditto slacks.


I gotta say the three-piece rule is fool-proof. So if you’re looking for  a simple rule to take your outfit there, it's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

- Stephanie


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