Victoria Secret Fashion Show ::: Recap

As I watched the Victoria Secret fashion show last night I was overwhelmed with this sense of shame towards my people, towards women.  Before you stop reading it's not the type of shame you're thinking about.  I'm not ashamed of my body.  I'm not ashamed of Victoria Secret and their models for making me feel inferior.  Because no one can make me feel anything and I sure as hell don't expect to be 5'11 and 110 pounds. Ever. 

In the days leading up to the show so many articles popped up in my news feed about boycots and Women Strikes against Victoria Secret and their campaigns.  This hilarious inner monologue perfectly exemplifies some reasons people hate it.  Because it makes them feel bad about their body.  It makes them decide to hit the gym or never eat pizza again.  To me this is an example of a larger problem:  Women do not support other women enough.  We look at other women and judge, we compare ourselves or put ourselves down way before we support each other.  

That is so messed up.

Why can't we all look at these women and applaud them for a job well done?  Because that's the thing, this is their JOB.  They bust their ass at the gym and probably eat very small portions of kale in the weeks leading up to it (or always, maybe).  I wouldn't want that job because I like dinner.  Just like I wouldn't want to be a doctor because I'm squeamish.  Why aren't we hating on a surgeons ability to look at intestines, blood and bones all the time? THAT's okay with us? (have you seen Psycho?!)

How can we expect men -- the world -- to support us if we don't support us?  Why is anyone else going to believe in us if we don't believe in us?

I am not exempt from this problem.  In every movie or book I look at the female character and I judge. I judge hard.  "She's too needy." "Why doesn't she get a job?" "She is a terrible mother."  

Feminism is amazing.  I am a feminist through and through but I can't help but think the feminist movement is the cause behind some of this hatred.

Let's all just make a pact to love one another, okay?

Alright, end rant, back to the show.  Did you know Adriana Lima has been doing the show for 14 years? That's incredible.  Alessandra Ambrosia is not too far behind, this year marking her 10th appearance.  And these girls do not look like they'll be retiring any time soon.

They're sporting four million dollars worth of diamonds here, by the way

This woman had a baby a few months ago.  A BABY.  Where did she store it?  It's truly incredible.

And my girl, newbie Taylor Hill, walked her first VS show.  She was only on for a second and walked one section (some of the girls do a few or all),  but I kind of like that they do that with the new girls.  Both earning their spot and keeping the pressure low for the almost certainly nervous newbies.

Speaking of Taylor's...

Here she is with veteran Angel Lily Aldridge.  Is it just me or could both female performers easily have be mistaken as Victoria Secret Models?

Ariana Granda was incredible, flying around that stage in lingerie, all while belting the biggest notes to ever come out of such a tiny creature.  These people are athletes, the whole lot of them.

All in all, super impressive spectacle.  But I do get the other side, I get it.   I just think we could all use a little more love.



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