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So I've heard all the chit chat that goes around between women about the Victoria Secret Fashion Show.  "It's derogatory,"  "It's demeaning to the rest of us with regular bodies," "Nobody really looks like that," "It's a bad role model for young girls."  I get it, and in some ways I agree, but can we, as women, just stop for a second and appreciate all the beautiful, strong, and confident women that strut their stuff on the runway this year in London?

The fact is... normal women don't look like that (But I really think the word we're looking for here is average). This is their profession, this is what they train for and they do a damn good job doing it.

Vogue's website posted an article yesterday giving a nice introduction to the new faces of the Victoria Secret Fashion show.  I thought some of the newcomer's quotes were a perfect example of why we should celebrate the VS fashion show instead of hate on it.

"I think they are one of the few companies that celebrate the girl for being the girl... Once you get to know the, it gets really comfortable - after all, at the end of the day you are in your underwear."
-Stella Maxwell

"This is more expressive and you can actually showcase more of your personality.  You can have more fun on the runway as opposed to normal fashion shows where it is more about the clothing."
-Grace Hahary

"It's more of a party than a serious show. You feel like you can do what you want on the catwalk, you can smile or blow a kiss!"
-Romee Strijd

I've been following along Taylor Hill's career for quite some time now and I was thrilled when I heard she made the cut.  She is my most serious women crush right now and I am so excited to see her career blossom.

Taylor was found on a dude ranch in Colorodo, she's among the youngest models in the show but I know she's going to kill it.  Such a natural, Audrey Hepburn-esque looking lady.

I think it's really important that we appreciate and encourage the beauty of other women.  I too often see on social media sites this bizarre "skinny shaming," always from one woman to another.  It makes me sad to think if we're not gonna be on each others team, why should we expect anyone else to be?

On a positive note,
can't wait to see the show on the 9th!



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