Walking 101

N7th street, Williamsburg

During the morning commute if you take a second to absorb the scene in front of you, you can literally feel the energy of the rat race heading towards the subway trying to get to work on time. (Or just the right amount of minutes late that your boss would never call you out.)

At times, walking the streets of New York City can be as intense as driving. Some would say, and I’d have to agree, that there’s proper etiquette when walking amongst the masses: stay on the right and keep on moving. I've come across my share of some sudden-stoppers, and the a-typical tourist who can’t seem to get their head out of the skyscrapers, so my level of tolerance for pedestrians is very low to none. 
And so, as not to fall into the category of my own pet-peeve and be an absolute hypocrite, I find myself taking it as far as “pulling over” when answering a text on a super busy street as to avoid foot traffic. Talk about dedication.

Jefferson street, Bushwick

During rush hour it’s all about efficiency; standing in the right spot on the platform to seamlessly make your transfer, finding that one magical train between the 8:49 and 8:57 that somehow always has a seat open to rest my "fuck you morning" ass. 

Then the day commences and there are good times and bad times. Frustrating moments and solutions that appear as revelations, and more days than not, we feel defeated and tired, excited to return to the bed we never wanted to leave.

You head home, walking through Manhattan sidewalks to the F train on the right side of the road, entering the subway at the end of the platform to be right near the exit closest to my street corner, moving all the way into the middle of the car to make room for the riders entering after me.  You follow the rules.

Wythe Ave, Williamsburg

But sometimes you find yourself walking in the middle of a less than busy sidewalk in your Bushwick neighborhood and from a distance you see a group of people heading towards you, big enough to take up the whole sidewalk. Times like these you're faced with an ordinary situation, and because the right Lauryn Hill song for your life’s soundtrack is playing, it suddenly seems like a huge metaphor for your life. 

      Yeah, during the middle of rush hour I would follow the proper ‘right’ side of the sidewalk rule, but now I'm off-peak. I'm faced with a choice: walk around this group, maybe even veer off the sidewalk and onto the street to let them pass, or keep walking straight, head up, one foot in front of the other and make the group walk around me

- Stephanie 

Troutman Street, Bushwick


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