I read once that if you wake up and literally tell yourself a positive, encouraging piece of wisdom your day will inevitably be better.

I read once that if you get out of bed on your first alarm and don't hit snooze you will feel more rested and awake for the rest of the day.

I read once that people who wake up earliest are the richest.

I read once that people who stay up latest are the smartest.

Why do I spend this much time reading Thought cCatalogue?  What is it about short lists starting with "10 things..." that's so damn appealing?  They're contradictory, and probably a load of shit, but it makes me feel good when I can mentally cross off everything on the "Things you should do in your early twenties" list.

If you sit at a desk for a large portion of your day, working for someone else, in someone else's office, I feel like you'll get me here.  Scratch that, any working individual will get me here.  That includes you, stay at home moms.  You have no idea how much I admire what you do.  I babysit, and getting to give them back is one of the most beautiful things right now.

Some days are just a struggle.  You can't make it, you wont.  There's no light at the end of the tunnel, the skies are dark gray just like my heart.  Dramatic, maybe.  Hormonal, definitely. This week has been a series of "one of those days."  BUT I'm determined to tell myself I can do it. To find the light at the end of the tunnel.  Because I am that powerful. Just like God.

So here's to doing something for myself this humpday.  We should all do that.

Cheers,  (literally, we're going to happy hour after work.  Hallelujah.)



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