In Town ::: Diner

Diner is another South Williamsburg brunch spot (can you tell this is one of my two neighborhood. I'm making a pact with myself to venture more when the weather gets warm). Located on S 6 and Broadway, Diner is a New American restaurant situated in a converted dinning car.

Although they added an exterior structure to the dinning cart, when you walk in through the rusted authentic car door, it's almost like going back in time.

The tile at this place had so much character! I loved how their were pieces missing from the pattern, it's a small reminder of the amount of life and people's feet have passed through this car.

It was kinda difficult getting a full shot of the space, since it is narrow and long, but I did the best I could. 

A view from the left of the door.

A view to the right.

You usually have to wait at least a little bit of time for a table since it is a small space. However, the turn over is quick and you're usually seated minutes before the hostess says she can seat you. 

Also, I would not recommend coming here with a large group, unless you're early bird brunchers, there's only one table that accommodates about six people. I've seen them push together some of the two person tables in the back to fit parties of four.

When we arrived, the hostess said there was15-20 minute for a table, but we were welcome to sit at the bar and get a drink. This was actually a really great feature because they could also have forced us to sit at the bar, which I don't normally prefer, due to the volume of people coming in asking to be seated, but they fortunately reserved that space for people waiting for tables.

...So coffee it was.

Through that little window is the second seating area, and where I usually have sat when getting to brunch around 12 pm.

The menu at Diner is one of my favorites because of it's uniqueness. The menu they hand out (to the right of the photo) only consists of a few items: 

Country Breakfast
Grass fed Burger

The beauty of their menu, is the one the waitress writes down on the table, which changes daily according to season and what is fresh. 

This particular Sunday. They featured:

Apricot Scone
A Coconut Cake
Donut Holes with a Lemon Creme filling
Beet Salad
Sweet Potato small plate
Country Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs with Spinach/Cooked Onion and a Biscuit drenched in Sausage Gravy.
Poached Eggs
Latkas with Trout and 2 Fried Eggs
Roast Beef Sandwich 
Grass-Fed Burger  (can add bacon, fried egg, cheese)

We started with the Donut Holes and Mimosas. We don't always order drink at brunch but when we do it always makes it feel special, and who doesn't like something special that also leaves you feeling buzzed :)

What we ordered:

I went with the Country Breakfast.

Boy went with the Potato Latkas.

Really love this spot! The atmosphere is great, and the dining car space really makes for a unique brunch experience. The food is delicious, the waitress was attentive and the service was quick. It can be a little pricy (especially when ordering drinks at $9 each) but overall I'd recommend Diner for a couple who is most likely going to spend the rest of their chilly Sunday trapped at home.


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