NYC Apartment Hacks

When I first saw my Northeast Williamsburg apartment I handed the broker a deposit on the spot.  As soon as he uttered the words "rent-stabilized" I was sold.  The beautifully spacious and newly renovated one bedroom was unlike anything I had seen within my price range.

The historically Italian block filled with meat shops and bakeries was a selling point for my boyfriend. The newly gentrified boutiques and gourmet coffee shops were a selling point for me.  But the undeniable downside to our apartment was the lack of storage and a teeny tiny kitchen (more on that later).

Here's what I've done thus far to try and compensate for our lack of storage:

We only have one small closet to share (in the entire apartment!) so something had to be done.  I built this tiny closet in a nook of our bedroom.  All items were bought separately at Home Depot and cost a total of about 40 dollars to build.

Bracket (x4)
Rods (x2)
Shelves (x2)
(screws and nails came with the bracket)

I organized them by style and color for both appearances and convenience.  I get ready for work at around 6AM so I need things to be as accessible and easy as possibly. I'm really working on curating my closet with only things I'm willing to wear.  

It's probably pretty clear here that I adore watercolor prints. Colorful floral print is my ultimate weakness.  

This couch is an antique and was refurbished with my aunts original painted fabric.  I joke that I would carry it around on my back if I was ever homeless in New York City, except it's not really a joke.  It's my most prized possession and the only furniture I brought with me when moving here from Chicago a few years ago.

When we got our couch it was impossible to make it flush up against the wall because of the heater (now hidden in the far left corner).  To compensate for both space and awkward couch placement I bought an extended piece of white wood to match the heater, also at Home Depot.  I had them cut it to fit the same width as the heater and length through the end of the couch (which they will do for free if you ask!).  I then piled books on top of it for a make-shift book case and below it we store things like christmas decorations and tools.  It's honestly become the best storage we have.

During a quick trip to target we bought this coat rack for 25.99$.  Not having a entryway closet for coats would have been a nightmare if not for this purchase.  It's the thing hidden underneath roughly a dozen coats and half a dozen bags. At the time we didn't realize how valuable it would be for us but Target has because it's now 59.99$! This one from Ikea is more reasonable.

I find having spots for everything makes it so much easier to keep our space clean.  And don't they say "A clean home is a happy home?"  I would have to agree.



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