Every time I've thought about getting a tattoo, I always stick to the rule that if I still want it 1-2 years after putting some serious thought into it, then it's something I cannot regret.

 My first tattoo has a huge significance to me because it incorporates about 5 elements of my life into one design. The Crown belongs to Fatima, or the Virgin Mary. Fatima is a famous pilgrimage site in Portugal in which both of my grandmothers and mother have made promises/sacrifices to in exchange for my good health and fortune during a few difficult surgeries to reconstruct my leg I had in the past. 

Portugal, is the country of my ancestors (yes, i am 100% Portuguese), and Fatima/the Virgin Mary is a classic representation of our cultures and religious beliefs.

 My name, Stephanie means to be crowned, which is seemingly fitting for me (stubborn and the love of all things beautiful); don't blame me, blame my parents ;).

 The three initials under the crown represent my mother Fernanda, grandmother Mariana and grandmother Irene, the queens of my life. The ladies who taught me what it means to be a woman and everything i know today.

 East River Tattoo Parlor. Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Shout out to Rob for the amazing artistry on my grandmother's delicate handwriting! These people who work here are true artists!

Tin tiled roof

This day I was getting my second tattoo after four years of thinking about it.

When my grandmother passed in 2010, my mother and father spent a day with my grandfather, uncle and aunt cleaning out her belongings. In the top drawer of her dresser my mother found the first cast I ever received from a doctor. It was tiny, as you can imagine, and a little ancient artifact of my life that she kept right next to her all of her most prized possessions. 

Not far from the place in which the cast was found, my mother then found a  get well soon letter she had drafted to me while in Portugal during a summer in which i had one of my many surgeries. She writes "Querida Stephanie"...and how she went to visit Fatima and prayed for my wellness, and how excited she was to be returning to the states in 1 month to see me in person.

You bet i did.

Querida means loved one in Portuguese, and written in her handwriting on the outside of my wrist, is a constant reminder that I am loved. Especially by her, but also by the ones who still surround me. It's a reminder that the people who shape our lives are always with us, even when sometimes not in a physical state.

Let the people who have shaped us be a reminder, that life is what we make of it, and not by the amount of stuff or ego we have (not condemning shopping believe me lol).

Appreciate the people you are with, invest deeply into them and love them warts and all.

My view while i waited


The Supply Room

 We are all unique and great in our own ways, but just like humans tend to be, we are flawed and often feel unworthy. Don't worry about what you don't have, or what you aren't and never allow those who surround you make you feel inferior. Life is not about comparing yourself to others but about creating the best versions of yourself. 

Our timeline is way too short to prefer quantity over quality. Keep the ones who love and treat you well close, and love and treat them well in return.

 Life is a beautiful journey, although seemingly short. Let's enjoy ourselves while we can, and always remember;

You are loved.
You are enough.
You are so enough.

My face: "i can't believe i'm doing this! yayy!"

Step 1: Apply the tracer word

Step 2: Apply ink to machine

Step 3: Clean area about to be tattooed

Step 4: Tattoo

Step 5: Admire your results

Step 6: Moisturize and wrap with cellophane 


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