Snowpoc Diary

The anticipation of storm juno was much more exciting than the actual storm. But with the day off and a vacant neighborhood I was excited to explore the aftermath anyways.

East Williamsburg streets were plowed by Tuesday morning but the white brushed roads were still uniquely pretty.

Those teeny tiny people are sledding beside the highway, talk about urban playground.

Our favorite local patio is a little less appealing dusted with snow.

White on white on white.  I'm sure digging those out this morning will not be fun.

Our destination for this adventure was Mother's, a local burger and craft beer joint.  Lucky for us they were open!

It's a laid back place without servers or menus.  You order at the bar from the chalk boards and get a number for your food.  You can bring it to a table but we always sit at the bar for quick and easy service.

Drinks on snow-day? Twist my arm.

The burgers are incredible.  If you're not a red meat eater, both the veggie burger and the tilapia sandwich are equally delicious.  You have to get a basket of the sweet potato fries, the aioli they're served with is the best part.  In the end our meal was less than 30 bucks, pretty good!

We took a stroll after lunch to check out more of our snowy neighborhood and to break in my new Sorel boots, which I am loving and so thankful for right now.

This creepy, run-down White Castle has looked like this for a while now.  I guess White Castle wasn't a big hit on the hip streets of Williamsburg.  It'll be interesting to see what the property becomes.  I thought it looked pretty cool amongst the snow and smog. This is a very busy intersection in a nice neighborhood so it's pretty bizarre. 

My hat was a gift from my little sisters, my backpack is from the Mens Coach Outlet, and the jacket is Andrew Marc (no longer available).  Winter gear in NYC is of the utmost importance.

I thought he was so sweet to want to take photos of me.  Later I saw this was really what he was doing. #selfies

He still did pretty good.

The rest of the evening was spent cozily indoors crafting and watching Friends (I'm already through to season 5 (this is my 4th time straight through)).

Not a bad way to start the week! My brother and sister-in-law are coming to town this weekend and now that feels just around the corner!  I can get through the rest of the work week  now, piece of cake.  



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