LA Day 1

Back in the Fall, I was able to sneak a long weekend trip to LA with my S.O. He was accepted to join a one day conference for work and interest, and so we extended it into a spontaneous 5 day vacation. 

Anytime we travel, we prefer to stay in Air B&B apartments. Not only is it cheaper than a hotel room, but you are able to rent a whole apartment with a full kitchen, living room, bathroom and usually a really cool and unique feature that could never be found at a Marriott or Best Western.

Renting Air B&B's also allow you to really dive into the culture and live like a local. When we rent from Air B&B, we also try and find places near the center of town. Since we were only there for 5 days, we wanted to be as close to the Hollywood scene  ( otherwise known as a freak show) as possible.

A shot of our apartment entrance, very California with the white cement and I love the muted grey, it gave the place a minimalist feel.

The wonderful thing about having summer weather all year round, like they do in SoCal, is that the vegetation flourishes everywhere. It's as if flowers and plants just grow where they land by the wind. Windows, arch ways, fences all covered in bougainvillea add to the allure of the fresh LA lifestyle.

Hollywood Boulevard was blocks away from our place, so we started off our first day in LA by strolling along the Walk of Fame. We searched specifically for the Jimi Hendrix star because he's a particular someone's idol. Jimi was situated way down the boulevard so it allowed us to see most of Hollywood past all the head-shops,funky tourist tees, sex shops and tattoo parlors.

The famous Chinese Theatre. We almost saw a movie, but it just felt wrong going inside when it was so beautiful out and we could see a movie in New York.

Love, love, love the palm trees against the LA architecture.

Postcards from Hollywood <3

We stopped at the Rooselvelt Hotel for a drink and like a Hollywood flashback Marilyn Monroe was enjoying a burger and some pop.

A little lounging by the pool. You will see a million palm tree pictures because I am obsessed!

Still in my travel outfit, but with a bathing suit underneath!

SoCal architecture is a favorite of mine,the Spanish touch reminds me of my roots. It's such a shame this type of structure isn't as popular in the North East.

Really though, how amazing is that bougainvillea tree? They grow like shelters over houses along the wall and it is just the perfect touch for the Spanish style homes. That tile! Those cacti! The outdoor seating! Looking at these pics while it's 21 degrees in New York is a real soul crusher.

We ended our night by meeting up with friends for dinner in West Hollywood and grabbing an Uber (which are soooo cheap in LA) and heading to the Hollywood Bowl to catch Neutral Milk Hotel, since I read the venue is a must see. After our Uber driver got us lost in the Hollywood Hills, we ended up getting to the venue right as the box office was closing. Our friend is a really good at sweet talking and after the manger said they were closed, a agent walked us over to the security table where another attendant laid out all the unclaimed tickets and said, "take your pick", it was amazing! We ended up getting seats all the way up in the bleachers, which is a byob area of the arena (go figure, only in LA), and caught Neutral Milk Hotel right as they were going to go on. Definitely one of the highlights of the trip.

More pics to come! And stay tuned for a little peak of Allie's time in LA.


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