LA Day 3

The third day of our long weekend in LA was particularly different because this was the day I was left to explore LA by myself while the boy went to his tech conference.

Although I was a little bummed to spend the day in an unfamiliar city sans company, I was excited to do all the LA things on my list I anticipated seeing recommended by my favorite SoCal bloggers (Fashion Toast, Sincerely Jules, Song of Style, Cupcakes and Cashmere, Damsel in Dior etc).

I started my day as any LA local would, coffee at Alfred's on Melrose.

As if that couldn't be LA enough, while sitting outside at their tables, in strolls Sophia Richie with her friends getting their own Saturday coffee. It was my third celebrity sighting of my trip (I saw Kate Walsh at The Hollywood Bowl and the legendary Angie at a Thai place on Sunset), and maybe because this one was during the light of day, but she looked (even for a sixteen year old) flawless from head to toe.  Her hair was newly bleached, and she was wearing a long trench coat with a tank and trousers. Topped off with a Celine mini bag and hi-top sneakers (all designer)  it was definitely a wardrobe only Lionel Richie's daughter could have. It was almost like walking into a real-life version of her Instagram feed.

After the immediate star-stroke, it was funny watching her aimlessly wandering up and down Melrose ave, it reminded me when my friends and  I would wander around the movie theater or Friendly's because we were sixteen and had nothing better to do. It makes you realize how normal celebrities actually are.

Melrose was one of those locations that I definitely knew I would appreciate just for it's aesthetic alone. The boutiques all stood like little homes where the clothes hung as the only decoration. 

Isabel Marant Boutique was most definitely my favorite. The garden out front was reason enough to stop and admire her shop.

A selfie with some cacti and my Le Spec sunnies.

For lunch, I stopped by Lemonade

"The concept is best described as Seasonal Southern California Comfort Food in a fast-casual cafeteria setting"

Basically, you enter the establishment and tell the servers what you want from the buffet, and how much you want and they package it up for you to stay or take-out. This makes it simple for a quick bite on the go, or feeding your entire family a fresh dinner.

I ordered a green-tea-lemonade, watermelon, feta cheese, cucumber, basil salad and a spicy chicken, green bean and jalepeƱo salad. 

After lunch, I continued driving down Melrose - the further east you go the grungier it gets and let's be honest, the more stuff I could afford shopping for.

I scored a pair of black high-waisted J Brand Jeans at Wasteland - a huge vintage store for $50. They're so comfortable and fit my waist perfectly, it was a great find amongst all the fierce LA clothing that could be confused for customary. 

On the walk from where I parked my car, I, yet again ,couldn't get enough of the colorful homes.

I headed back to the apartment after shopping to meet the boy for dinner.

Gracias Madre was at the top of my list of restaurants to grab a bite. This place has gotten rave reviews amongst the locals and it did not disappoint. 

Gracias Madre has an all vegan-organic Mexican menu. The food by chef's Chandra Gilbert and drinks by Jason Eisner were a marvelous blend of natural and fresh ingredients; including the tequila! 

The tiled bar, is an eye-catcher and the perfect spot to snap an Instagram pic.

The modern design of the interior handles the Spanish touch in LA almost too well.  The space features wrought iron chandeliers, wood furniture and various plant life all over.

It's quite amazing how different the cuisine is in LA than New York. 

Not in any particularity bad or good way, the food in  New York City is culturally vibrant and rich with flavors.

While in LA, there are more vegan options made with super fresh vegetables and herbs.

Needless to say, we were in bed in a food coma by midnight.

- Stephanie


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