LA Day 4

I would have to admit, that by our fourth day in Los Angles, we became certified tourists.

Before going on the trip, I made a list of all the things I wanted to do, and even though I am a firm believer in leaving something on your list to do, you know so you're forced to visit again, we decided Sunday would be saved for visiting LACMA and The Griffith Observatory.

Going to school in New York City, I was fortunate enough to meet friends who lived all over the world.  On this trip, I was able to reunite with my good friend Tara.

Above is T and the boyfriend enjoying this interactive Jesus Raphael Soto piece. Titled Penetrable in Neon Lime, Soto attached a bunch of yellow rubber tubes to a metal frame hanging above, allowing participants to walk through or dance around in the tubing. So fun to be able to touch and move with the art! 

If you look closely, past the adults, you can see that this exhibit was a favorite among the kiddos.

Especially this kiddo.

Love me some modern art! A little Warhol, a little Matisse.

The iconic Urban Light lamp posts by Chris Burden.

In September they had a special exhibit spotlighting German cinema, featuring Fritz Lang's films, particularly Metropolis.

 The 1927 German film"special effects" were years ahead of their time. Film makers played upon the insecurities and fear instilled in Europeans about the rise of technology after WWI .

The view from the top of LACMA.

After touring the entire LACMA property (there are about 6 different buildings), we grabbed a cocktail and some fries with my friend and her SO. 

After going to school and working for 6 years in New York, T moved back to her native spot of LA and is doing amazing things in the entertainment industry! It kinda inspired me to want to make the move myself, not to mention that whole summer-all-year-round thing is pretty awesome!

After parting ways, we drove up Griffith park to the Observatory for sunset.

The grounds are amazing, and open to the public pretty much all day long. They even have wifi, so you see people, having picnics, or making it to the top after a long hike up the mountain, and doing work on their computers. 

The City of Angels.

Architecturally, the planetarium was absolutely stunning. 

The coloring of the entire building blended right into the sandy cliffs, but the arched terrace that wrap around the domb was the perfect touch to leave you feeling like you are on another planet.

We walked around the grounds for about two hours, and decided to wait until after sunset to see a 8:30 pm showing of Centered in the Universe in the planetarium.

Neither one of us could put our cameras down the entire time we were walking around the grounds. Every angle of Observatory left you feeling like no picture could do it justice so non-stop photos was the only way to attempt to get it right.

The Hollywood sign.

Sunnies (Le Spec), Top (Zara). Pants (Loft). Bag (Furla). Sweatshirt (H&M).

Funny story:

On the lower balcony (shown above), we all of the sudden heard a choir singing Seasons of Love. As the crowd was gathering to listen to the singers belt out the song, the lyrics were personally altered to get this one lady's attention, and next thing we know out comes a camera and her English boyfriend down on one knee proposing to his long distance girlfriend. It was such a Hollywood moment, and a few days later, we ended up in the background of  the proposal video on the Huffington Post! That totally counts as our fifteen minutes of fame.

The spectrum of colors as sunset approached was a mesmerizing show to watch. 


Can't stop, won't stop taking photos.

Watching the city lights go on building by building was another highlight of the night.

I was quite impressed by how much we were able to squeeze out of LA in one day. There was still so much we could have done too!

The PCC Flea Market is just one of those activities I'll have to leave for next time.

Overall review:
LACMA and The Griffith Observatory are must sees if you're visiting LA.
- Stephanie


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