In Town ::: Roberta's

Before finding our final destination -- food -- we explored the industrial streets of Bushwick.

We weren't so sure what Kave was when we stumbled upon its adorable green hallway, but we took a few photos anyways.  

Later, I looked it up and found it to be a jack of all trades.  Not only is it a 24 hour coffee shop, but it also offers barista classes, hosts weddings and caters.  We'll have to explore it sometime and report back.

One of the most attractive parts of Bushwick is the endless amount of street art. One of the most attractive parts of me, is not this pose.

These big old hearts are pretty cute, but kinda weird, which we liked! 

Stephanie's beanie is from a street stand in Union Square, blouse from The Loft, Jacket from Zara, imitation leather leggings from H&M, leopard booties from Steve Madden and handbag from Alexander Wang 

Allie's hat is from City Hats (No site, on Bleecker and Lafayette), shoes and scarf is Madewell, turtleneck is Gap, dress is Zara, jacket is vintage and bag is Coach.

When we finally got to Roberta's we arrived right in between Brunch and Dinner, so we just had to have a cocktail till the menus switched over.

It's so simple but so pretty to add a twig of rosemary to a cocktail. Noted.

Steph had the All Caps, which we both liked.

I had the Time Bandit, which we both preferred.  I think we were just born bourbon girls :)

It's such a cozy rustic space.  Very hip.  Check out those blurry hipsters in the background!

To top it all off the pizza is absolutely divine!  A landmark in Brooklyn brick oven pizza, if you will.

Until next time.



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