In Town ::: The Standard Hotel

For my mother's birthday she requested that my sister and I take her to The Standard Hotel. 

The Standard, is a New York City hot spot, but other than visiting the rooftop of Le Bain in the summer for the amazing view and outdoor terrace, I rarely make plans to go. You can blame it on my laziness, because it's really right off the L train.

However, the birthday queen wanted to go so without hesitation we went.  Sometimes, in moments like these, I sincerely wonder if I will ever surpass my mother in the cool factor. 

The Standard has two locations in New York City, one in the East Village and one on the High Line. We met my parents for a negotiated 1pm (their version of brunch is 11 am, our version is 3 pm) for drinks and appetizers at the rooftop bar, The Boom Boom Room.

The interior of the Boom Boom Room is entirely white, nude and gold. The wait staff wears matching outfits; white tuxedos for the men, lavender silk cocktail dresses for the ladies. Immediately when walking inside it felt as though you were entering Bespin, in Cloud City.

The couches and tables surround the bar which takes over the middle of the room in an elegant and dramatic fashion. 

The spiral shelves storing the liquor gives top shelf a new meaning.

Unfortunately, I was not permitted to take a picture of the bar with my camera because professional photography of the bar is not allowed. I was a little disappointed but hey, I was called a professional photographer so I took it as a compliment.

The rainy day at the top of The Standard made it feel as though we were much higher above New York City when in actuality we were about sixteen stories up.

Bellini's, Cocktails and Bloody Mary's were ordered to cheers the birthday girl.

Appetizers were ordered to ground the buzz going on in our heads after all the fizz.

After drinks, we decided to head down to the Beer Garden for a more casual environment.

The elevator ride down features Marco Brambilla's Civilization, based on Dante's Divine Comedy of the same name. 

On the way up, the video collage began it's show depicting pop culture images that symbolize hell- the ground floor of the hotel - and transforming into images of heaven - as you ascend to the top of the hotel. 

Going down, the video plays in the opposite effect.

When you arrive at the Beer Garden, you exchange money for tickets at the booth to purchase beer and snacks from the counter (or are you selling your soul to the devil? Hmmm).

One ticket = $8. $8 = one beer or one snack.

The garden has German style seating: long tables with benches to sit close to friends and strangers. 

Although it was difficult to find an open table at first, the idea is that everyone sits together destined to become friends at the end of the night anyways.

Some bier and snacks.

I love mustard, I'm definitely a sauce and condiment type of girl, so a warm and soft pretzel to dip in is just the thing to pair with German beer.

(Not pictured to the right of the seating, is two ping -pong tables. Ideal for Sunday -fundays)

Drinking and snacking are two of my favorite things to do.  When they are combined in one hip NYC hotel and consumed one after the other, well, it can make a girl travel from heaven to hell ;).

- Stephanie


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