Ladies We Adore ::: Courtney Trop

Courtney Trop's petite figure is one of several reasons we relate to the LA based blogger.  She writes often about the woes associate with dressing for little ladies. Coming in at a mere 5'1, I hear her pain.

In her popular blog, Always Judging, Courtney embodies the casual cool that is southern California.  In a time when fashion bloggers are a dime a dozen Courtney stands out with her corky name Always Judging. It makes me laugh at how true that is for all of us, if we're being honest. Checking out other ladies on the street is a favorite pass time of mine. It doesn't always have to mean cruel judgement.  Sometimes I would wish there were little bubbles over everyone telling me where I could find their enviable look.  And then came fashion bloggers, God heard my prayer.

About a year ago Courtney started bleaching her hair to this drastic white and she's been a stand out ever since.  She clearly takes good care of it with quality products and frequent trims which really is the only way to appropriately rock a bleached do.

Looking fabulously coordinated with fellow blogger Camille Charriere

Proud to say I also own this Zara fringe dress.  Pics of how I styled it coming soon.

In love with this mules/duster combo.  I somehow don't seem to be able to master that turtleneck hair tuck.  It always starts to bug me and I pull it out.

Dark brows, light hair, yes yes oh yes.

Looking too cool in Stella McCartney. 

All photos courtesy of Always Judging.


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