Presentation is everything and a well wrapped gift couldn't apply to this rule anymore.  

 Whether it's for a baby shower, the holidays, a birthday or just to say thank you - picking out wrapping paper for a special someone is almost as important and fun as picking out the gift.

The supplies:

Wrapping Paper
Tissue Paper

You want to begin by first of all asking for a gift box when purchasing a gift at a store.  If they don't carry or are out of gift boxes, an old gift box can work or most craft stores sell unbranded boxes.

To add a personal touch, I usually wrap the gift in tissue paper, if not already done by the clerk, to add an extra layer before revealing what's inside the box.

Put the tissue paper in the box, lay the gift within the paper, and fold it over to hide what's inside.

After I close the box I usually tape the sides of the box to ensure it remains closed and secure while wrapping.

The wrapping paper is (obviously) the most important part of gift wrapping.

When picking out wrapping paper, think about the person receiving the gift or the theme of the gift (whether it be a bridal shower or birthday party) and try and match the person's personality.

The gift being wrapped above is a birthday gift for my SO. He happens to be a big fan of animal print, and pretty much anything kinda tacky and cool (I blame RISD), so when I saw this leopard print it immediately stood out for him.

The actually wrapping part is a bit difficult to portray, but you definitely want to make sure you size the amount of paper correctly so you don't have any short ends. 

It's better to over measure the amount of paper you'll need, than under measure and have to start all over again. Or worse, cut up pieces and try to hide the gaps.

I then wrapped a gold ribbon around the box to match the golden/orange of the leopard print.

I curled the end of the ribbon by passing it through the blades of the scissors.

Almost done!

I found this funky bow at the store that gave off the same jungle vibe as the paper.

We added a little tape to the bow to secure it to the box.


After wrapping up the clothes and Jam Box I purchased him, I thought of getting another box for the board shorts I picked him out for our vacation, however Quicksilver didn't have any boxes but I thought their shopping bag was quality enough to just add green tissue paper and pull all the gifts together.

And there you have it!  Use some personality and you have yourself a fun wrapped gift. Which can be used to jazz up any occasion!



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