On Minimalism

With every changing season comes new styles, new clothes and inevitably a new price tag.  I've recently come across this blog on minimalism.  The concept is to have a capsule wardrobe of roughly 35 items per season.  You use only these items for the entirety of the season.  No surprise shopping trips.  No gifts to yourself.  No impulse buys.

I have to admit, this would never work for me.  Shopping brings me joy, it's a way I socialize with my girlfriends, it's my favorite for of "treat yoself" and it keeps me up to date with an industry I love, fashion.

But there is a part of this that got me thinking about a change that I can make for this upcoming season.  The idea of a curated closet sounds like heaven.  So, here's what I'd like to do:

1) A closet sweep  
-Try everything on
-Make sure it fits, that I would wear it right now and feel good.
-Check the condition (Holes? Stains?)
-Do I have a similar item?  If so, which do I prefer?
-Donate or sell as much as possible.

2)Compile a list of staples
-What items could I add to my closet that would work year round?
-When I get dressed, what do I often wish I had?
-Are there any items I wear all the time that are on their last leg?

Examples: I've always wanted great t-shirts in black and white, mine are target quality.
                 This season I wore my gray wide brimmed hat daily, I could really use one in black.

3) Decide which trends I'm loving this season
-Marble!  I'm crazy about it.
-Flared jeans
-Straw hat

4)Make a budget
-Considering my income, how much could I reasonably spend on new clothes for spring?
-Try and spend more on staples, less on trends.
-Take advantage of gifts!

The plan!

So, lucky for me, it was just my birthday.  My marble fix has been subsided by the lovely people in my life.  I was gifted this bag and necklace:


Another stroke of luck with flared jeans. I have been hoarding a pair of mega flairs in the back of my closet for six years.  Luckily I still love the fit. Pictures of those soon.

Now for the planned purchases:

Everlane for the t-shirt win!

As for hats, that's something I definitely have to try on but here are a few of my favorites:

This one from Nasty Gal is cute, but lacking the cowboy top I like.

This Australian brand, Lack of Color has some great choices. This one may be just perfect.

As for straw hats:

Another awesome one from Lack of Color.

A pretty sweet change of pace from the average straw hat by Janessa Leone but probably out of my price range.
  And dusters:

Top runner so far.

I'm also definitely leaving room for some fun shopping trips and new choices.  Cuz a life full of plans and rules is not really a life for me.



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