Hawaii ::: Honolulu

Having a vacation at the end of the winter is one of the best decisions anyone can make.

Even though February is the shortest month of the year, in New York it is simultaneously the longest.

It seems to snow the most in February, and in the last month before spring we are tortured by that 28 day stretch of freezing cold weather and by then are sick of having to/wanting to stay in doors at all times.

This year, my SO decided Hawaii was the perfect escape from the endless winter and so we packed up and left!

Some of my favorite items I packed for the trip.

Kimono (similar here), Bag (Furla), Camera (Fujifilm Instax Mini 8), Rings (Luv AJ), iPad and iPhone case (Kate Spade Saturday), Clutch (Samudra), Sunnies (Le Spec, Wildfox, Karen Walker, Forever21), Swimsuit (Triangl).

Newark --> Honolulu. 11 hour flight non-stop.

Saying good bye to the east coast snow.

Flying over Canada (more snow).

Arriving in Honolulu!

 We decided to spend one night in Waikiki to see what it was like since we landed only 25 min away in Honolulu.

Eighty percent of the Hawaiian population lives on Oahu and Waikiki is one of the south shores most popular cities. With high end shopping, eating and the gorgeous white sand beach off Ocean ave, I can definitely see why the area pulls so many people.

Shirt not worn on purpose!

The view from our hotel.

We decided to walk around the neighborhood in search of a restaurant, but we stumbled upon a cute farmers market happening right around the corner from our place.

Fresh fruit - so delicious!  Home grown in Hawaii.

We couldn't help ourselves and got two kebab's as an appetizer before dinner: one chicken teriyaki and one lobster chipotle.

Cute shops along the way.

Okay, and maybe some pre-dinner dessert. Mango and Coconut filled Malasada (Hawaiian doughnut).  I'm surprised I caught a picture before I ate up the whole thing it was so delicious!

Statue of Duke Paoa Kahanamoku, the man credited for increasing the popularity of surfing to mainstream America.

People come by and offer their leis in the honor of the Hawaiann actor/surfer/beach volleyball player/five time Olympic Swimmer.

(i had to)

After walking about town for a bit (and passing Gucci and Saint Laurent with the will-power to not aimlessly wander in). At around four, the sun was still pretty strong so we decided to change into our swimsuits and take a walk to the beach.

As you can tell, the coast line is met with a public white sand beach that stretches along a row of hotels. Waikiki beach is super popular amongst locals and tourists.

Jean Vest (vintage, similar), Pants (Forever 21), Swimsuit (Victoria Secret), Bag (Furla), Sunnies (Le Spec).

This Banyan tree was filled with so many birds that when you walked underneath it it sounded as if you were in the Amazon Rainforest. 


We followed sunset by drinks and dinner at Duke's (named after the guy with the statue above).

My first of many Mai-Tai's! I love me sum rum :)

The rest of sunset with a drink in hand is just the perfect touch to the beginning of a great vacation.

One of my favorite thing about traveling is seeing how the locals live.

A bird's eye view onto great city apartments. That's a line of surfboards below stacked and ready to hit the waves.

Good night Waikiki!

So glad we decided to take a night and explore one of the major cites in Oahu, but also very glad the rest of our ten day trip would be spent traveling to the less populated and more open Hawaiian islands of The Big Island and Maui.

More to come!

- Stephanie


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