Hawaii ::: Big Island North Coast

On our second full day on the Big Island we woke up early to watch the sunrise on Kahaluu Beach Park.

Which also met no one was on the beach so I was allowed to pretend I was Venus for a few minutes. 

Kahaluu Beach Park is a super popular snorkeling spot in Kona. The cove welcomes sea creatures of all kinds; just taking a few steps into the water, you were met with an exotic aquarium of fish, coral turtles and more! It was amazing.

After staying at the beach for a little, we decided to explore some of the beaches along the north side of the island.

We started our day at Magic Sands Beach. A lot of the beaches on The Big Island are met with more lava rocks than sand, so we had a good laugh when we arrived at this beach and there was only a few yards of actual sand.

We didn't stay at Magic Sands for long, and continued north, ending up at Old Kona Airport State Recreation Area.

This actually ended up being on of our favorite spots because there was about a mile of sand, and no one around. That's the great thing about Hawaii, you can pull over off the side of the road and end up at a small little secluded beach that feels like your own little Treasure Island.

Our set up.

Also another great thing about staying in Air B&B's v. hotels is that the host usually has a bunch of beach equipment that you are free to use. 

We ended up borrowing towels, beach chairs, snorkel gear and a cooler for our day trips.

My round framed Ray Bans also got a little photo shoot.

 Our blue Nissan with my matching cover up and beach bag!

When we got to the car rental, we had the choice between a white, black or blue car, without hesitation we both chose the blue because.....when in Hawaii match the scenery!

Across the street from Old Kona Airport State Recreation Area, there was a botanical garden with the prettiest flowers, cacti and trees. The garden was open to the public with no guards or ticket booths - unlike New York, Hawaii is really great at making nature a free and integral part of the environment. 

Our trip continued to Manini'owali Beach.

I have to say I felt the true magic of Hawaii when arriving at Manini'owali. 

As soon as we parked the car, I looked out through the trees towards the ocean and framed between two branches a whale jumped up in the air did a flip and submerged itself back into the ocean. I immediately, started jumping up and down and yelling to Sean, "Oh my god, did you see that, Oh my god!!!".

It was pure magic.

Unfortunately, I didn't have the right lens handy but back right, waving with his fin is photographic evidence that I witnessed a real life whale in my very own real life (and not at Seaworld) :)!

Manini'owali Beach is a popular spot for surfers. 

The rocks on this beach makes a sort of amphitheater seating where you pick a patch of sand on the cliff and make it your nest, if you will, it was a super cool way to enjoy the surfers down on the water.

See that little patch of white sand down there, yeah that was the only real white sand - not that I'm complaining- it's just funny!

We spent the entire day doing my favorite thing: beach bumming. Afterwards, we ended up going back to our apartment showering and grabbing a casual burger at a joint down the street and in Hawaiian fashion, were in bed by 10!

Mahalo for another great day Hawaii!!!


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