While in Southern California we drove up to spend one day in LA and of course that day only, it rained.  I still got to see Venice Beach and other things I've wanted to explore but I really look forward to spending more time there soon!

The Del Ray Theatre at LMU.  Steve had his first play here!  Pretty cool.

The few moments when the clouds parted and the sun came out I saw Venice's real potential.

An amazing art book store we stumbled upon.

My main goal in LA was to get a burger at Father's Office.  Our mission was completed but I ate the burger too fast to take a picture :).  I stole this one off of google: 

It was incredible!  I saw a lot of people splitting it.  Don't do it.  You need your own! Highly recommended. But get there early, it was packed minutes upon opening despite the downpour.

The bone marrow there was also DELICIOUS! And the sweet potato fries and the chorizo fritters... Oh my, is it lunch time yet?

I'll be back for you soon!



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