Locks We Love

Color hair has gone so wrong on so many people that I've never been a fan. But somehow lately some very spectacular ladies and stylist have found a way to make it look so cool and still classy.  
My favorite styles below:

Juliana Hough rocking a new pink do.

So into this Violet hairdo by the beautiful Nicole Warne.  Makes me want to try it myself.

Kelly Osborne could not have done a better job pairing her lavender locks with the shades and lip.
Ozzy, you could use some work.

Kylie Jenner looking very rock and roll in her green ombre.

 It should be known that color is super hard to do.  Many kudos to these fly ladies above.  
A few of my not so favorite looks below:

Really not feeling this long purple mermaid hair with the bedazled headband on Katy Perry.  Not to mention her top is falling off...

Salena, I love you but this hairdo looks like you let a bunch of five year olds loose on your locks.

Dakota Fanning, leave it to the ladies.

Lily Cooper... need I say more?



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