Hawaii ::: Lahaina

We left The Big Island early the next morning and headed to Maui.

Snow covered tips, at the top of the summit from above Hawaii.

What a sight from above...

....Ahloa! Welcome to Maui!

The landscape in Maui was so lush and green compared to The Big Island.

The mountains are the shining stars, and give impressive views from all sides of the island.

I was super excited to come upon Mick Fleetwood's restaurant after seeing them perform in February, followed by a month straight of Fleetwood Mac music only.

We stopped in the town of Lahaina to grab some brunch, as it was 10 am, only few places were offering food before noon so we ended up at Sugar Cane .

The early morning had welcomed a rain storm, but by the time we got to the downtown area the rain had cleared and was replaced by a sunny day.

After brunch (which was delicious!), we walked a few blocks to one of the biggest banyan trees in the United States. 

Lahania Banyan Court Park stood in-between the shops and restaurants and the boardwalk where all the tourist boats were docked ready to take people on their next adventure.

It's so beautiful how they branches of the banyan trees reach out as far as they can go while still holding onto one another and their roots.

Postcards from Maui <3

When we were finally able to check into our Air B&B, we went straight to the beach right off of our apartment. 

This private beach was occupied by people every few yards since March is actually Hawaii's off season. Which just meant more peace and quiet.

The view from the beach looking back at our place.

We walked up the apartment and sat on the balcony for sunset.

Have I mentioned yet that this was a Monday....

The locals play horns to celebrate the warmth and nutrients the sun provided us that day.

We got dinner downtown and decided to call it an early night because we had woken up so early that day.

But not before sitting on the beach for a few minutes to enjoy the peace, quiet and stillness which is the beautify of Maui, the island.

We  went to bed that night ready and excited to take on the adventures the next day promised.


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