Friday, May 29, 2015

Lady Links

these are crazy cute and probably so easy!

agreed, what I would love in a workplace.

a positive light on millennials for once! how we're changing the food scene.

crazy about all matching sets!  so many awesome ones here.

love this single ladies mashup set to Duck Tales

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Nashville ::: Opryland

The night before the race in Nashville we drove out a few miles to the Grand Ole Opry to check it out for it's historical relevance but mostly to see Opryland.  The giant resort, but more like an indoor amusement park, right beside it.

Big guitar, small people.  Except Steve, he's not looking so small next to us little ladies.

Basking in the glory that is country music.

I won, obviously.

Beautiful old wooden floor to high ceiling windows.

The entrance of the hotel is deceivingly simple.

Ta-da!  The entire indoors is covered in glass ceilings!  The glass above reflects the lights from below making it look like the sky is filled with visible little stars.

A lagoon wraps in and around the space.

Between the lagoon is a sprawling village with ice cream shops, pizzerias and cobble stone walks.  It has the feel of a cute little beach town.

Cinderella, where are you?

The rooms wrap around the outside of the village, each with a balcony view.

Sushi and Mexican and Steakhouses, oh my!

With 15+ restaurants you could never leave the resort!  Not really my style but pretty crazy.

Surprisingly vast ponds and fountains where at every corner to heighten the excitement.

Let's just say, it's very easy to get lost in here for hours, but that's not such a bad thing.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Somewhere Over the Weekend ::: Memorial Day

For Memorial Day Weekend, we decided to venture all the way into Manhattan for a ladies day of unlimited fun.

After stopping for a $20 mani + pedi in Brooklyn, we decided on Le Bain at The Standard for an afternoon drink since Allie had never been and the last time I had been was in college.

Hat (Urban), Top (Vintage), Pants (J. Brand

Jacket (Gap), Shirt (Truly, Madly, Deeply), Pants (Lovely Day)

Le Bain's roof has a lot of great different aspects that make it one of the most popular weekend lounging spots.

The grass carpet is some of the only green for miles, the comfy lounge chairs are the perfect setting for a sun soaked and boozy afternoon. The inside bar is always empty and if you're brave enough the hot tub is the perfect escape from the roof. 

Speaking of, let's not forget the out door roof is complete with a crepe hut on the far side in case you get a craving for something sweet.

These are only some of the details and beginnings of stories a day at The Standard can provide.

Private deck we desperately wanted to takeover. 

Did I give a shout out to the cool architecture too?

As you can tell, the roof top was super crowded so we made our way downstairs to catch a break from the heat.

The inside was nice and air conditioned, plus empty - really the way we like our hangout spots.

Not to mention the hot tub, which we weren't prepared to jump into, reminded Allie of her many summers as a lifeguard during her young and carefree years.

The most refreshing cocktail! T&G - Bourbon, lemon, cucumber, mint & basil! 

The wrap around view really is the star of this location.

Details, Details!

Sandals (JCrew)

Bucket Bag (Kate Spade), Watch (Marc Jacobs)

Bag (Balenciaga), Pom Pom (Etsy)

Sunnies (Ray-ban)

Necklaces (Gifted)

We were ready for a change of scenery around 5 o'clock and decided Benny's Burritos was the perfect spot for a margarita and a nacho snack.

Lucky for us we snagged a table outside too!

Chicken nachos with a pile of guac included!

How heavenly does that margarita look glowing in the sunlight?

The margs at Benny's are definitely a good deal for the price when you get three refills.

We walked the scenic route to the subway between the quaint West Village streets.

Not a car drove by the entire time we ate next to Jane Street. A quiet street in the middle of the bustling city, a treasure has been found!

One of the best ways to spend a weekend in New York is to galavant around the city without a plan and so much unexpected fun to be had!

But with that said, we made the trip across the river
back to Brooklyn to meet my cousin on her rooftop for sunset.

The glorious Manhattan skyline silhouetted against the retiring sun.


The only time we get a pic together is when Britt's around.

Thanks girl :)

The golden hour really is the best.

The conclusion of a fun filled day and the promise of an exciting night.

There's trouble to be had! jk jk

We ended our night with a few more Mexican beers at Black Bear Bar in Williamsburg and the promise to sun bathe and drink champagne the entire next day.

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend!

Hello Summer 2015!