Somewhere Over the Weekend ::: May 2nd

Saturday began as most Saturdays begin in Brooklyn....


We decided on The Bedford after getting caught up in the good weather and walking all the way west towards Williamsburg.

Luckily for us the place was pretty empty (it was 2pm, oops), so we got to pick a table out for ourselves. 

The lack of crowd did not take away from the deliciousness of the food and drinks. I think it actually added to the atmosphere. Ah, a quiet place off Bedford.

We chose a table near the door since they could only fit tables of two or three outside. 

Their brunch special includes a $5 mimosa, bellini or This vodka and lemon cocktail called A Lovely Day.

French Toast Fritters filled with Nutella and Raspberry Jam.

Avocado Toast.

The biscuit special.

After lunch we moseyed on over to a patio off the Lormier stop.

Allie's Wearing: Jeans (Bel Air), Booties (Madewell), Duster (Zara), Bag (Rebecca Minkoff) Scarf (Loft) Denim Tank (Joie)

Blooms <3

I'm loving Allie's edgy hairstyle she spruced up herself.

Remember: Although not always easy, life is beautiful.

I'm wearing: Cropped Sweater (H&M), Black trousers (Ann Taylor), Chambray (Madewell), Shoes (Sam Edelman), Backpack (Rebecca Minkoff), Sunnies (Ray Ban)

Ladies and gents...Rocka Rolla.

Known in town for it's huge goblet cocktails :)

One of these later and I was feeling those Saturday vibes.

Lolz with my BFFs.

Allie and I actually met through my friend and her cousin Daniel.

Friends call him Danimal. 

I was visiting Dan in his native city of Chicago, and the day I flew back, Allie moved to New York! 

It's funny how life works out.  It was so great to have him in town for the weekend. Good tynes (as he would say) and laughs.

At around five we made our way to Prospect Park to celebrate a friend's birthday at Washington Commons.

But not before stopping at Milk Bar for a birthday cake, and some ice coffee to go.

It's just so PRETTY!


Happy Birthday Sam!


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