#TBT Birthdays

It's Thursday, so I guess that calls for a throwback to my sister's birthday brunch. 

These photos were taken a few months back (as you can tell from our jackets) and I recently found them while organizing my library, and just had to share.

The birthday girl with her birthday balloons and new blue reflective ray-ban aviators.

My sister Gabriela and I are only twenty months apart, so growing up people constantly thought we were twins.

It didn't help that my mother dressed us exactly alike for the first five years of our lives hah.

We went to Cow & Clover in South Williamsburg, which I featured a while back in this post.

Birthday Drinks.

Mimosas and pineapple margarita.

The menu was prefix since we got together a party of about twenty-five.

Unlimited drinks and five courses from their menu + bonus cake.

First course: mimosas.

Second course: homemade scones, muffins and bread.

Including a goat cheese and bacon scone.

nom nom nom

Third course: cheeseburger and fries.

Fourth course: Eggs Benedict 

Fifth course: French toast.

Sixth course: birthday cake.

Cheers to birthdays and brunches!


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