Hawaii ::: Painted Church

I actually forgot about these photos from our time on The Big Island.

After the Sacred Grounds. We made a pitstop at The Painted Church.
(St. Benedict Roman Catholic Church, read the history here)

The exterior of the church

The church is famous for the walls which are entirely handpainted in a beautiful colorful mural.

(Sorry, I'm sorry I keep posting so many pics from Hawaii, because they're definitely more interesting than my normal daily life)

We arrived at the church, just before dusk and the rays of the sun shining into the church was an absolutely breathtaking scene.

The entire room filled with gold, you could really feel the beauty of Hawaii covered in it's setting sunshine.

There is so much detail that went into these painting, you could spend hours looking at the different sections.

Water view from everywhere! Because...Hawaii.

After driving a little down the road back towards our apartment, through the trees on the side of the highway I saw the most beautiful view of the sunset, and made Sean pull over on the side of one of the busiest streets so I could take a picture.

So worth it.

So happy!!!


For dinner we stopped in this little hut Kava Kava, for some traditional Hawaiian grub.
Some of the best food we had all trip. The fish melted in your mouth., and the buttery Okinawan (purple sweet potatoes) was just divine!

Followed by a nightcap Mai-Tai at a bar around the corner.

I could be a professional vacationer...someone hire me!


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