Nashville ::: Country Music Hall of Fame

The Country Music Hall of Fame ended up being one of the coolest things we saw all trip.  We spent hours in there exploring the halls and even catching a great tribute video of Bob Dylan.

T-Swift's original circus costume!

The wealth of costumes was definitely my favorite part.

A gun studded car dated back to elvis.

An in car television used to be a real thick TV just stuck inside the backseat, pretty funny.

So many records.

....and more and more and more.

I did not realize the relationship between Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan.  Johnny Cash really took him under his wings and was both supported and inspired by Dylan.

A man and his mentor.  Steve LOVES Bob Dylan.

The original lyrics of Dolly Parton's "Jolene."

Get it Dolly!

Taylor Swift's original scribbling of "Tim McGraw."

Amazing, custom HOT PINK, LEATHER two piece!  On the motorcycle, I mean can you imagine?

Class as can be Faith Hill.

These little bobble heads were part of a game that told you which part of the industry you belonged in. I got Stylist, Steve got Lyricist, very fitting.

Only at the very end are you actually in the hall of fame, so many greats.

Such a beautiful space.

Had to find the BBQ as soon as we got out!

And of course all BBQ in Nashville comes with a side of live music.

So good!  Not a bad meal the whole trip. Whether at a bar or a five star restaurant we were not disappointed.



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