Nashville ::: Opryland

The night before the race in Nashville we drove out a few miles to the Grand Ole Opry to check it out for it's historical relevance but mostly to see Opryland.  The giant resort, but more like an indoor amusement park, right beside it.

Big guitar, small people.  Except Steve, he's not looking so small next to us little ladies.

Basking in the glory that is country music.

I won, obviously.

Beautiful old wooden floor to high ceiling windows.

The entrance of the hotel is deceivingly simple.

Ta-da!  The entire indoors is covered in glass ceilings!  The glass above reflects the lights from below making it look like the sky is filled with visible little stars.

A lagoon wraps in and around the space.

Between the lagoon is a sprawling village with ice cream shops, pizzerias and cobble stone walks.  It has the feel of a cute little beach town.

Cinderella, where are you?

The rooms wrap around the outside of the village, each with a balcony view.

Sushi and Mexican and Steakhouses, oh my!

With 15+ restaurants you could never leave the resort!  Not really my style but pretty crazy.

Surprisingly vast ponds and fountains where at every corner to heighten the excitement.

Let's just say, it's very easy to get lost in here for hours, but that's not such a bad thing.


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