Hawaii ::: A Farewell

We woke up on our last day in Maui with the sun as usual.

I don't consider myself a morning person by any means, but for some reason it was so easy for me to get up hours earlier so I can make it outside and meet the day.

I of course took advantage of my last beach day.

 I wore this adorable pineapple dress that I picked up at the LF on Abbot Kinney in Venice Beach.

Who would have known it would be the perfect coverup for Hawaii months later....

Also wearing one of my favorite pair of Wildfox sunnies.

Peace Maui! I'll miss you!

My leis I had grown attached to throughout my stay.

I left one on the beach, but got to admit I ended up taking the other two with me on the plane back to the March weather in New York.

Our flight was at 9 pm that night, and since check out for us was at 3 pm, we decided to fit in one last minute boat trip on The Reef Dancer.

The Reef Dancer is a boat with a glass bottom that takes you out to sea. Divers then make their way into the water to pick up sea life and show the audience the creatures that live in the reef.

Making our way down....

The list of the types of fish we would see.

A sea urchin. 

An octopus!

Although the Reef Dancer was a fun activity, and one of the only ones that would avoid us getting wet and having to shower, the aquarium was definitely a much better experience to witness the exotic Hawaiian sea life close up.

At the end of the ride, they let you pick out seashells at a souvenir to take home.

After we docked, we made our way to Iao Valley, which luckily for us was on the way to the airport and another great way to kill time before our flight home.

Not to mention a beautiful site!

Our next trip to Hawaii, we're going to spend more time in the rainforest and traveling the road to Hana.

We just had to leave a reason to come back to this paradise.

The lushness of the valley was so refreshing to take in.

I've traveled a lot but never to a Rainforest.

Never seen anything like it.

After a quick rain shower, and a few more photo ops, we hesitantly made our way to the car.

But not before one last peak at the waterfall rushing with water from the sudden down pour.

This marks the last post on my time in Hawaii. I gotta say it's bittersweet to see these posts come to an end.  We had such a great time!

It was amazing spending two weeks on an island in the pacific. Such a foreign place but since it's the 50th state in America, it's so easy to navigate the island. 

It's no wonder everyone who travels to Hawaii wants to stay there forever. 

It truly is a magical place and I will most definitely be back!

- Stephanie


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