Hawaii ::: Maui Lua

After visiting Haleakalā, unfortunately the altitude change left me with a pressure headache and the desire to get to bed early.

But the next morning I woke up to a lei orchid, and I gotta tell you it made me feel one thousand percent better.

Suit: Victoria Secret 


We decided to enjoy the beach off our apartment and go for a walk as far as the sand would take us.

Palm Trees in our backyard.


This is unquestionably paradise. 

In some way I think my soul is more at peace when it's closer to the ocean.

The other best thing about having a blender at your Air B&B, is the unlimited piñacoladas, did I mention that?

After a relaxing morning, and a quick visit from this guy, we decided to fulfill the Hawaiian-tourist fantasy of attending a lua.

We decided on The Feast of Lele since it provided a tasting menu from five different parts of the south pacific island: the Polynesian island, Hawaii, New Zealand, Tahiti and Samoa, and a well reviewed three hour dance show to match the menu.

More orchid leis!

Yum yum rum punch.

Great way to start the night.

Plantain chips and salsa. The first of many courses...

...and Mai Tais.

Someone's feeling better.

I think the pulled pork was my fav!

The amazing Feast of Lele dancers!

I really want to learn how to hula next time I'm in Hawaii

This is a picture of two people who got caught in a tourist trap, and enjoyed every minute of it :)



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