Playing Hookie

Steph had a great idea for a lady date towards the end of my 2 month work hiatus.  She took off a Monday and we hit the city for a classic staycation!

First stop, Butcher's Daughter for breakfast and coffee.

Such a cute little spot on a SoHo street corner.

The small menu is filled with fresh and vegan choices. 

I got a coconut yogurt, granola and fruit bowl.  It was honestly so much more fulfilling and delicious then I was expecting.

Steph got the tartine, which is a perfectly toasted baguette served with chocolate hazelnut spread, jam and fresh fruit.

Unfortunately, the weather for the day was not on our side but we anticipate the rain to clear up within the hour so we distracted ourselves with a few mimosas.

A very gloomy day.

They let you add prosecco to whatever juice you choose.   I got the tangerine, Valencia orange and carrot while Steph got the pineapple, jicama and lemon.  Both delicious!

The outdoor area we wish we could have enjoyed...

This photo will stand to represent all the fancy stores we went in and out of for hours, pretending like we could actually purchase a couple thousand dollar Chloe bag. 

We skipped back over the river to our homeland of Brooklyn for dinner at Juliette's.

A watermelon, gin fizz.

A fun twist on an old fashioned with honey and rosemary vanilla replacing the sugar.

A very hip cocktail.

Carbs, carbs, carbs!  After a long day of walking I got a big ol chicken sandwich!  It was delicious.

Steph got the burger, always a classic.

To more staycations soon!


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