Somewhere Over the Weekend ::: Brooklyn Star

The weekend is good for many things but my two favorites are sleeping in and getting a big ol' brunch to start of my day.

Allie and I woke up on Saturday with the same idea, and so a double date at Brooklyn Star it was.

I welcomed myself to Brooklyn Star by ordering a Bourbon BonBon. 
It looks like ice coffee, but what it actually is, is iced espresso, condensed milk AND bourbon.
I would highly recommend trying one. Geting boozy while caffeinated is a win win.

Allie ordered Gordon's Breakfast - gin, lime, cucumber and hot sauce.

The perfect touch of hot sauce it was so different and so amazing!

Deep conversation.

Our orders:

 Blueberry Johnny Cakes

Cuban Style Breakfast Torta (2).

And the Fried Porkchop.

...and cue the silence, because the food's so good.

Not photographed: A second huge dining space in the back.

Bonbons followed by beers :)

Breakfast Club.

After brunch, we headed back to Allie's spot to watch a movie.

We landed on watching the beautifully animated Box Trolls and sipping on some white wine.

But not before a photo op of this awesome New Yorker who happens to be a cow and a stop at the new Ren & Stimpy wall across the street....

Jeans & Boots (Madewell), Top (Vintage), Trench (Zara)

Layered necklaces (Gifted).

Wearing: Tee (Truly Madly Deeply), Flared Denim (Zara), Vest (Zara), Shoes (Dankso)

Bag (Balenciaga), Fur Keychain (Etsy)


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