Talk it Out

image by Alex K Colby

I grew up in a outspoken, politically liberal family.  We’ve spent many parties gathered around tables filled with chardonnay glasses screaming about politicians and policies.  Speeches dragged on with cadences of an argument although everyone was in agreement.  We’re cultured, middle class folks with deep roots in Chicago.  We cherish Obama and equality and often speak of Republicans as the other.  We tend to speak passionately -- loudly -- but our sparring partners remain fellow democrats.

When we use the word ignorant we’re referring to uneducated, generally closed minded, small town populations.  I've found myself to be just as ignorant.  Not until I started moving around at 18 was I really exposed to people unlike my family. At first it wasn’t an easy thing to adapt to.  At times disheartening.  But it’s an absolute necessity when it comes to true cultivation.  

I want to hear other points of view.  I crave the understanding of people different from myself.  Everyone is due their own opinion, at least.

That being said, this absolutely positively does NOT include any and all persons partial to Fox News.

Their reporting on the recent South Carolina Church Massacre was down right disgusting.  Denying the racial involvement of this horrific hate crime and labeling it an attack on faith is not only a complete injustice to those who lost their lives but plain old yellow journalism.  This kid, this killer,  has made no secret of his hate and racism.  How Fox News hunted down a black pastor to sit on air and defend their views is beyond me.  His suggestion that churches arm themselves as a solution is the root of America's greatest issue today.  

Yes Pastor, that’s the answer, more guns.

Are you out of your mind?  Pastor E. W. Jackson from Chesapeake Virginia, I have a few chosen words for you in the form of a haiku:  

You're not a leader, 
you're not a man of faith but 
a fraud and a pawn 

Get the fuck off the television.

Yours truly,


Please check out this amazing photographer who got first hand shots of Charleston, Alex K. Colby.


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